The Adventure Continues...

From the old to the new, 

a personal "FaceBook" history!

The History

The History got its start in the mid-90's. Sensing something big was going to come out of this "internet"  thing, Jon Butler went ahead and bought his domain in order to experiment with with putting things up on the web. Some things were easy to do, while others required a fair amount of perseverance to get right!


The site got its purpose from Jon's mother. At that time in his career it wasn't unusual for Jon to be traveling to 3-4 continents during any single month. Tired of his mother never writing down where he was going, Jon put a calendar on his site with the city name of where he'd be that day. And, for mom, a visitor could click the city to see the weather there! Still, this did not eliminate the ever-recurring question: "Did you bring a coat?"

Favorite Places

Jon began to publish photos of the places he had visited, from Turkey to Australia to Brazil to Chile to India to Andorra to Thailand to New Zealand to Perú. At the time in his life Jon had:


  1. some sought after skills that took him many places. 
  2. A God-given intellectual curiosity about people besides himself.